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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  April 3, 2011 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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dozens of southwest airlines flights delayed after a roof ripped off this jet. how that's affecting passengers in -- radioactive water into the ocean. but was it successful? the final four is down to two. let's take a live look outside this morning. things are starting to warm up today, but will it last through the rest of the week? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in our first-warning weather forecast. and the. >> the farmer's market has
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officially opened for the year. and underneath the jfx. we'll have more in just a few. eyewitness news is seconds away. this is wjztv, wjzhd, and, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties to your neighborhood, now it's complete coverage. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> oh, good morning. welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm tim williams. temperatures are approaching 40 degrees. >> slowly going up. >> and i have to say tomorrow is all over the place. you know we started off talking about temperatures tomorrow near 70 degrees and we started talking about them being near 73 or 75. and we started talking to them being near 80, and now as it's progressing during the heat of the day, the temperatures will be near a record of 82. as a home opener -- >> you go from unseasonably
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cool to now really hot. >> to really hot. >> i tell you it's just a very, very incredible run. the fluctuation in temperatures is just because of a basic, you know, trend. we started the clouds break yesterday. and now the sky is clear. and the sun is out. and now the warm air is coming in at least for one day and then the rain comes through with potential ifer showers. but as for today temperatures going up to around 58 this time mixing with some clouds. overnight lows down around 40 and showers potentially, and otherwise rather cloudy. tomorrow we're looking at temperatures near the record. near 80 degrees across the region. we'll have your complete updated forecast coming up in just a few moments. >> now we're looking forward talking about this morning. dozens of southwest airline planes remain grounded this morning. the airline was forced to shut down part of its fleet after a coal ripped through a plane. reporting wjz on the investigation into the midair scare. >> this was the view from inside the boeing 737 at 34,000
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feet. the people looked up and they said oh my gosh, you can see the sky. >> passengers on friday's flight from phoenix to sacramento heard what sounded like a gunshot. >> we heard a huge bang. come on, this can't be happening. this is a movie. >> the cabin depressure xized and oxygen masks came down and the plane made a terrifying decent. >> is this how it's like to die? so many thoughts are going through your head. the 15-year-old jet made an emergency landing at a military base in ewe ma, arizona -- arizona. none of the people onboard were seriously injured. and again so that we can find out what happened and keep it from happening again. southwest airlines grounded hundreds of flights and delayed others across the country saturday. the company voluntarily grounded about 80 of its boeing 737s to check for problems. two years ago this baltimore- bound southwest airline 737 made an emergency landing after
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a hole ruptured in its fuselage. and in 1988, a flight attendant died after being stuck out of an aloha airlines 737 when the body of the plane tore apart. those onboard friday's southwest flights got the scare of their lives. >> you just don't take anything for granted and if you want to do something today, do it today. don't do it tomorrow. >> the plane had its last major inspection and overhall a year ago. wjz eyewitness news. southwest airlines released a statement saying they are working overtime to get pass sen yores to find their destination as soon as possible. those planes caused problems but for menty of people in baltimore. and marshall airport to the southwest canceled about ten flights yesterday. more than 50 other southwest flights were also delayed at dwi, and that frustrated many passengers. >> i got here and even though you put on a thing for them to know volume, nobody notified me. i got here and they checked my bag and they said it's not
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taking off until 10:30. southwest says up to 300 flights could be canceled today though the airline could expect more of its planes. baltimore is one of the businessiest and largest hubs for the airlines. violence erupts at a downtown killing one person. police say three other were stabbed inside the bourbon street night club early yesterday morning. the flight broke out in a ballroom at a lady's night event. police say a 24-year-old man died after he was stabbed. right now, the killer is still on the loose. the club's owner says he is putting an end to the lady's night promotion. the investigation into the area's most well-known politicians is growing. the secretary for john leopold testified before a grand jury on friday. prosecutors are looking into whether leopold used officers to run rands for his reelection
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campaign. and leopold incysted he only help him while he was recovering from back surgery. avoiding dui checkpoints. believe it or not, there is a new smartphone app for that. the state wants to keep drivers from finding those detours on their home. smartphone technology can be a driver's dream. it has features for direction. and if you travel, cell phones have emergency buttons, but now google and apple have a cell phone software that pinpoints exactly where police have set up dui checkpoints, and maryland's attorney general wants it off the market. >> it's much like giving a robber the key and the alarm pad code to go out. it's just not appropriate. it doesn't help society, and people die as a result. >> reporter: state police agreed they want the app mixed too. according to their figures, more than 24,000 drunk drivers are arrested in maryland every year, and officers fear the software will fall their success. >> we work very hard to keep
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our highway safe and to identify and arrest drunk drivers who are out there, not something we want to see. >> reporter: the app isn't illegal, and is protected by the first amendment. but he says that tops off for him for writing google and apple asking them to stop making it available to drivers. >> all we're doing is saying you have a corporate responsibility not to help people avoid getting caught or committing crimes. >> reporter: maryland isn't alone in the fight to remove the applications. others like delaware had written software makers too and some drivers say downloading it is out of the question. >> and several us senators are asking the developer to stop selling the app. the company that makes blackberries has already agreed to pull the app from its phone. the situation in japan is growing even more unstable as radioactive water continues to spill into the ocean. it's coming from the crack at a nuclear complex that was damaged in the earthquake and
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tsu -- tsunami. the latest attempt to steal the leak overnight was unsuccessful. today japanese officials say it may take several more months to guilty the entire situation under control. the power company is also reporting the first two deaths at that plant. and thousands of ravens fans turned out to help the victims of japan and grab two autographs and their favorite players. ravens safety teamed up with the red cross to organize the event. has family in japan. he also -- to sign autographs. the event ultimately raised more than $56,000. we send the finances to if they use the finances to buy materials and medical supplies locally. and it also helps the local economy but also more cost- effective. and the red cross says some fans will auction off the items they receive and have those funds donated to the red cross.
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turning now to basketball, the men's ncaa championship game is all set. the butler bulldogs are looking to reach the title game for the second straight year taking on the rams for commonwealth. and butler -- >> and it's also a mack attack took over. the bulldogs went on a 12-4 run to take control of the game winning. in the end, 70-62. butler and coach brad stevens advanced to the title game on monday night. and on the other side of the bracket, kentucky taking on uconn. neither teem is a stranger to the final four. uconn pointguard walker carried the team all year. he does it again in transition. walker led the hiss keys with 18 points. on the game, uconn wins 56 to 55. after the game, walker had his focus on butler as the two teams prepare to square off for tomorrow night. and i look at it, you know, those guys, and i don't
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understand why they keep winning but it's to secret. and we play hard. >> when you have been there before and you felt what it feels like you don't want to feel that again, but it's this year, and we're playing for the national championship again, and it feels good when you want it. you want to make sure you give everything you've got. >> so, the ncaa men's basketball title is on the line for tomorrow night. butler makes its second straight trip to the finals taking on the university of connecticut. see the game live right here on wjz 13 starting at 9:00 p.m. and of course that is following a full afternoon of baseball with the orioles. our coverage starts there at 2:00 p.m and smith from connecticut. >> okay. >> there's always a hometown connection to every story going on in this world. >> straight from baltimore. >> all right. >> and even with my bracket is wac. >> did you get to nose too? >> hi uconn win. after all is said and done.
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after all being at the bottom of the bracket the whole time, actually to win. i can't wait. >> no, you could win. right. you can't win, but you could win. are we winning today? transition happened yesterday. it took a little while for the clouds to break. we were in the 30s for much of the day. and then slowly but surely, the sun just kind of came through the clouds and then it came out. it was amazing the attitude change most folks out and around when the sun came out. yeah. >> it got a little breezy. stayed a little cool, but for the most part, we are in. the transition of skies are clear, high pressure is in control, and now the warm ever up is underway. we'll get up to about 60 degrees today and tomorrow just an incredible day. and again timing is everything because it's just in time for the or joel's home opener. right now as you see the sun clearing out, all the clouds in the sky. we are looking at 41. our temperature at dwi marshall. relative humidity at 70%. winds are from the west/southwest at three miles
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per hour. 30.04 is your barometer. you can take away. yesterday the barometer was in the 29 range. the pressure is coming up. west/southwesterly wind. that is what's taking over if warm forecast. we are have 32 in oakland. and 41 in come per land. 46 in ocean city and 38 in elkdon. around the immediate metro area, temperatures are in the 40-degree range. we have 36 in westminster in 37 in bellair. we have 43. and 43 in anapolis and 43 down in the nation's capitol from columbia to rock hall. and temperatures ranging from 41 to about 43. uniformly, we have been seeing the shift. we had them come in all over the place. a variable wind about this time
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of the morning. you start to see that. that uniform change is all because of high pressure. but down to our south and moving a little off to the east. the high is down to our south, and it is clockwise flow around that high that is alive for that warm air to move in. you could still follow the clouds on the jetstream right on across the country and that is what has been allowing system after system, low pressure system and storm after storm to just move across the region right from the west coast on in. now, tomorrow we'll start to see the clouds build through the afternoon, but until then, the high is going to allow that warm air to just take over the forecast. so the clouds will build through the afternoon, and then they'll be a chance of showers very late tomorrow night and into tuesday and because the temperatures are so warm with a cold front moving through, late on monday and into tuesday, there will be the chance of
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very gusty thunderstorms that transsituations. -- transitions. temporarily chus again -- temperatures again start to warm up. hopefully we will start to make this transition where the spring temperatures really take hold and don't go back into the very cold range. we have a small craft advisory. a west wind on the bay at 10 to 15 knots gusting to 20. 733 fair and impartial tim or at 7:44 and your sunset today is at 7:33. so today going up to just around 58. and sunshine, mixing with just a few clouds and because of the disturbances to our west, you can never rule out a chance of a fleeting passing shower but really you don't have any moisture with them. tomorrow the record is 83 degrees. we are calling a forecast high of about 82 and even if we fall a little short of that we'll be in the upper 70s for around the time that the game is underway. so game time temperature is going to be just around 73 to 75 degrees at first pitch at 3:05.
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okay. there is much more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. the reviews are in, and charlie sheen picks off his 20-city tour in michigan. but did he live up to all of the hype? dangerous rides. how two children in arizona got trapped on a busy highway. and just opened earlier than ever. live at the farmer's market underneath the jfx. coming up, we'll tell you what they have to offer. all right, we're ready for it, but first, here is sat's winning lottery numbers. good luck, everyone. mr. perdue!
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8:19 am
our forecast. we'll have some cloudy conditions heading into tonight. ment you'll have the gameday. first turning to other stories we're talking about. an arizona mom is behind bars as police find a shocking cell phone video. police say the video shows her 3-year-old daughter playing with a loaded gun. the voice in the background says in spanish, show me how you point the gun at mommy. the 20-year-old says she thought the gun was fake. also in arizona, strong winds blow tw two kids trapped inside. the women reportedly lifted the inflatable house across three lanes of traffic. the boy and girl inside were seriously hurt but are expected to recover. it appears the the accident was caused by a dust devil. that is the kind of mini
8:20 am
tornado. the reviews are in and they're not good. charlie sheen's 20-city car is a bomb. charlie sheen saying he was a warlock going on and on made me want to throw up in my seat. the hour and a half event features guest newsik and a multi-media presentation, but apparently it wasn't enough to win over the crowd. >> the baltimore farmer's market spentings another year today and this is the earliest time that it was ever open. wjz -- sharon joins us with more on what to expect this year as sharon earlier than ever. and it's pretty early in the season to have those venn tabs out. >> absolutely. i was excited they heard they
8:21 am
were opening early. there were a lot of people here for the opening day of the farmer's market especially when it is earlier than ever. now, there are farmer's here. good morning. tell us about the farmer's market. >> we're opening earlier than they have been. we wanted to capture things we have early in the season. and people have been requesting that we open early. we did a survey of the farmers and they agreed. and we also have closed some streets to merge our craft market and the farmer's market. and it makes it easier to go back and forth and we put some crafters and some vendors on the streets. >> something that we do want to mention even though it is earlier to never, the venn tab availability isn't quite what it would be usually in peak season, but everything that
8:22 am
they have, they grew. >> yes, we are producer's only market. it requires when it comes to produce -- which is why we don't have our farmers at full capacity. and policy around june or so. there are still plenty of things here. we have the food venn doris and have things like greens or turnips so you can get things that are home-grown right here. >> it smells wonderful. i'll be walking around getting a little breakfast myself. we'll have more in about 230 minutes. if you want to come down here, it's under the jfx pleasant street exit. they'll here until about noon or until everything sells out. back over to you guys. >> get there fast because parking slows up real -- fils up really quickly. all right. still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. final prep stations until the or joel's homeowner.
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we want to see your favorite memories from the ballpark. go to stay with us because we are back in just a moment. well-being.
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we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life. the day or joels have been waiting for the basic tigers. and the field needs to be as
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perfect. >> and look at the final preparation. imagine getting camden yards ready for opening day. >> we're going going to get the paint ready to paint the opening day logo. and head groundskeeper nicole sherri is used to talking -- >> in the sun. we want to be tomorrow and sunday as well to get everything prepped in finishing touches on everything. >> a lot of people don't think it is anything more than just cutting grass, but everything in nature is related to it. i have to watch out for pressure like i said. i have to watch out for, you know, wind, rains, dried out or -- nicole says one thing you won't see this season. the english ivy that usually
8:27 am
covers the battered eye wall. >> it had kind of a strain of root rot. >> so this is our radar. >> sherri stevens starts way before the home opener. >> you know it has its stresses like with any job, but i can't complain. this is my office. what more do you want? >> wjz eyewitness news. >> and don't forget the oriole's home opener is tomorrow. you can see the os take on destroit -- detroit tigers live right on on wjz. our special coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. a full day of or joels baseball live right here on wjz 13. and just very quickly i want to show first-morning lye. not the radar. the forecast for tomorrow. the forecast is going to be just around 73 degrees at first pick time. the game-time temperature 73. we're going up to the 80s by tomorrow afternoon. >> okay. >> and there is much more to come on eyewitness news sunday
8:28 am
morning. a violent conflict continues in libya, and one maryland man finds himself caught in the middle. his story coming up. terrifying flights. safety inspectors address the possibility that friday's emergency landing that a southwest jet could be part of a bigger problem. and the os looking to take their second straight game in tampa bay, but could the birds tampa bay, but could the birds generate enough offense to ,,
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you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ [ beep ] hey. [ giggles ]ok.
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it's wjz maryland's news station. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. >> i'm tim williams. temperatures are just around 40 degrees across the area. we're looking at a pretty nice day shaping up. the nicer of the two weekend days. the skies are clear. winds have calmed down and the sun is out. we have a very bright horizon out there. sunrise of course is about an hour ago. we are looking at a nice day shaping up and an even nicer day tomorrow. tomorrow the difference is that it will be sub tan stantially warmer just in time for the or joels to take the field. >> makes it feel like summer. >> the boys of summer. maybe someone smiling on the beginning of their season. and being 41 at dwi. and 46 in ocean city. the cold spot is open at 33. so we're all going to warm up into the mid to upper 50s across this -- across the state on this day. we're looking at temperatures
8:32 am
gradually getting up to about 58. we'll have complete updated first-warned forecast. >> thank you. >> now, we are talking about this morning, this morning in libya between rebels and forces loyal to gadhafi. rebel fighters are making small gains in the battle for control of a key oil city just one day after nato air strikes accidentally killed 13 rebel troops. the rebels blame themselves because they say they were advancing during those air strikes. and as suzanne collins reports, a baltimore man is missing in the middle of the war. >> matthew -- a journalist who has been in war zones before, this time he went to libya on his own to see the uprising firsthand. and to possibly write a book about it. >> and matthew wrote to the examiner. his mother and girlfriend say he is fascinated by her countries and speaks arabic. he went to libya in february as the uprising began despite the danger staying with libyan friends and hoping to write a
8:33 am
book, but his last contact with his family was march 12th. >> when he answered the phone, he was in the truck, and he said mom, i can't talk. can you call me? >> but it was the same day government forces struggled a stronghold. >> they didn't go there for a fight and forces rolled in unexpectedly. and especially with them being -- >>er -- the family thinks might be detained, arrested. they just hope he's alive. and matthew van dyke's mother and girlfriend say if he was captured they only hope they would spare his life and ultimately he might be free. >> the 31-year-old has a degree in foreign service and security. and much of his life has been sent in danger zones and held
8:34 am
against his will in the past. >> i can't fall apart because i can't spend that kind of energy. and self-pity right now. i've got to spend the energy in getting his name out there, the picture out there. people like you say someone may deceive him -- or can help us. >> the state department says that it is aware of this situation and also other americans in libya, its ability to locate them is limited. but it is trying to help. back to you. >> all right, thank you, and the family is looking for van dyke. violent protests in afghanistan have is now entered their thursday. at least 20 people are dead and thousands of angry demonstrators lash out against florida passenger jones. jones burned a small koran in jamesville last month. that sparked several attacks including an assault on a united nations building. >> even though people don't like it. and even though they don't like
8:35 am
our message. we have actually hit something. we have spoken out against something. we have hit something that people know in the privacy of their own home. they know it's right. >> this isn't the first time jones has made headlines. he threatened to burn the koran last year on the anniversary of the september 11th attack. back here, a man is accused of killing his sister's fiance. police say the suspect, center, and fee -- sister got into an argument outside a home. that wassers say that is when their brother came out and stabbed a man in the back several times. right now the identity of the victim ask the suspect have not yet been released by police. safety inspectors are continuing to inspect dozens of southwest airline planes this morning. southwest is forced to ground dozens of it planes after a hole ripped over on a jet midflight. and 15-year-old plane made an emergency landing late friday night. in the coming days, federal investigators are looking into the possibility that this could
8:36 am
indicate a larger problem for southwest. >> we will be very careful looking at this event to see if there are systemwide issues that need to be addressed. for now we're just looking at this particular event to see what may have caused it. >> dozens of flights were delayed yesterday because of the safety checks, and more delays are expected today. former governor william donald shafer is returning to help after a bout with pneumonia. medics rushed the 89-year-old to the hospital thursday night after he was having trouble breathing. dave says a longtime politician looks much better now but it could still be a few days until shafer gets out of the hospital. one of the most important historic sights in baltimore now stands in ruins. but the british invasion in the 1812 will soon be home to half a billion dollars town center. mike shields has the story. these grounds became important in the american revolution the british invaded
8:37 am
here before their decement. this is where the famous general george mcarthur lives. now nearby chimneys host birds of pray, the key to mack arthur's front door is a screwdriver. with world war ii came the va hospital. it closed nine years ago. it's not been kind to fort howard. >> and this beautiful building here was tossed for quarters. >> now this developer has big plans, really, really, really big plans. behind it is a brush area over here. it will be our town center. >> reporter: 13 to 1500 duplexes, condos, apartments, hospital and shopping will fill this three quarter of a mile site. >> the city, the community. everything is here. >> reporter: new and renovated holes. while renovation and reuse is admiral, the va is leasing this land to be redeveloped because of who benefits from the transformission.
8:38 am
it's a small town rebuilt at the former vet an's hospital. it will be open initially to veterans. old and young, high and low income. veterans -- >> also it will be one word in this respect. >> reporter: they serve their country. now they'll live together in a place designed just for them. at fort howard, wjz, eyewitness news. >> and ground-breaking. it could take five to ten years to fully complete. and future baseball stars get a look at sports past. hundreds of local high school baseball players visited the baltimore sports legend museum last night. they kick off the president's cup. at the new tournament where players from both public and private schools in baltimore will compete to find out who is the best baseball team in the city. the private sectors. they play a lot more baseball than the city does. to be honest, though, it's a good opportunity for them to really see how baseball is
8:39 am
played. the baseball tournament starts next saturday. no. now on to the big leagues. and it was -- >> in familiar pa bay. still -- tampa bay. rye bran -- bryan roberts takes one to the left field. a 3-1 blast. tampa was threatened in the night, but nick makes a grab to end the game. first go on to win this one 3-1 looking to sweep the the series later today. and after wrapping up their system with tampa. you can see all the action right here on wjz 13. stick around for the or joel's game. a full day of or joels baseball right here on wjz 13. the ncaa championship game is tomorrow night. so if you are a sports fan --
8:40 am
>> you're going to be loving it. you'll be loving it tomorrow. last time he was here, he talked about how he could watch all the games for the ncaa from your home system at work on your computer. >> i'm sure all the bosses love hearing that. >> he has some new technology. and of course duckie is in the house. and already duckie came out yesterday. the or joels have won now. or joels undefeated. >> that is how half the ball players look. you've got to love cool. or joels right now. the town 4-1 and 3-1. or joels 7. opponents two right now through the season. you can't really argue with that start to the season.
8:41 am
with the home opener they're looking at temperatures around 80. 41 right now at dwi marshall. 70% relative humidity. but the winds from the west/southwest at three miles per hour. 30.04 and rising. high pressure in control as we look at temperatures going up. and they already starting to change. they're changing as i'm looking at them because the temperatures are going up now as the updates are coming in. 46 down in ocean city. and on kent island. 45 in rock hall and 41 in columbia. and in the west southwest bringing in a drier air mass, the southerly flow is tapping into some warm air that is building out in the southwest. that warm air is going to take control right on through tomorrow before a front comes through and start to mix up the atmosphere enough that we see thunderstorms tomorrow and late tomorrow night and into tuesday. the jetstream follows this line
8:42 am
of clouds and rain. we could see a light passing showers late tonight. because we still have some disturbances very close. but we're going to be on the warm side of the front moving through, the first portion of it is a warm front followed by a cold front. the warm front we say in the warm zone right on through tomorrow night before we see a chance of rain, and then high pressure builds in again heading toward the middle of the week. so while our temperatures will take a bit of a hit heading into the middle of the week, we'll for the -- we'll start warming right back up again going back into next weekend. your sunset is at 7:33. small craft advisory before 6:00 a.m. p.m. and your forecast going up to 358. sunshine with just a few clouds but right now the sky is pretty clear. overnight lows going down to just around 40 and then we're looking at tomorrow's high challenging the record. 82 our forecast record is 83. and 82 is our forecast and again the five-day forecast is coming up and we'll talk about the home opener forecast right around first pitch. it should be pretty impressive. still to come on eyewitness
8:43 am
news sunday morning is just about two weeks until tax day. and still tens of millions of americans are yet to file. we'll have some tips on how to protect yourself in your filing electronically this year coming up. and there's excitement and they are underneath the jfx because the farmer's market opened a month early. live. ,,,, with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you. -it was like, "wow!" -bam! [ male announcer ] decisions don't get any easier than this. now you can move up to fios tv, internet and phone
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it is magic. weather is going to be magic tomorrow too. we're looking at 41 degrees and mostly sunny in baltimore. 8:46 this sunday morning. welcome back to eyewitness news. the baltimore farmer's market is hosting opening day necessary differties. >> her venn tab green. we're going back out live with everything going on today. and like a walking, talking cucumber. this is actually a month earlier than usual for the opening of the farmer's market
8:47 am
underneath the jfk and jfx. we actually have one farmer with us. and libby. good morning. hi, everybody. so, what is in season? can people come out and get their vegetables? >> it's not the winter crop basically. still in season. so your vegetables, your greens, asparagus is almost here. that is pretty much what you're looking at. >> have you surprised how many people are here with the first week, especially with it being so early this year? >> i definitely was. i thought no one was going to show. they did. it's crazy here now. that's great for everybody. >> and there's a -- there's a lot of vendors out here. were you surprised at how many vendors were out here as well? >> the amount of farms surprised me. i saw their vendors. that was the usual. the farms here. that's great. >> are you going to sell out? >> i think so. we're almost there now. >> very good. very good. now, are people very happy with
8:48 am
this selection and what they can get? >> um, the people who know about the farming stuff. they're really happy about it. there are some people that ask for green beans that don't really know. i think they're a little disappointed. >> i wouldn't have known that either. >> cucumbers aren't in season for a little while. >> oh, no, no, no. >> what is the next big thing that is going to be coming in this season? >> and there's going to be tons of flowers down here and strawberries. >> we saw some flowers at a few places. so if you want to come down here and pick some of those. as well as breakfast. and we want to mention breakfast. if you want to come down here, we are at the farmer's market under neither the jfx. you take the pleasant street exit and they're here until everything sells out or until about noon. back over to you guys. >> everyone goes under neither the jfx. and they're like yes, under neither. >> yes. >> all right. >> thank you. >> okay. >> and still ahead on eyewitness news, sunday
8:49 am
morning. two-thirds of taxpayersth in us now file electronically, but there are some things you need to look out for in you plan on doing it that way. coming up john almond with best buy greek squad with some advice on how to make your return as painless as possible. we'll be right back. ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? sure. ♪ [ beep ] hey. okay. -these'll do. -yeah. [ male announcer ] wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. ♪ is folgers in your cup
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if you haven't filed your taxes yet, we're going to slow you ways to protect yourself if
8:52 am
you do. thanks for being here tomorrow. not a problem. some people say as much protection as possible on my computer. what should they do? >> it's important year-round, but especially when you are doing tax season, because you're putting all of your information into your computer so you need to make sure that all that information. so up-to-date virus protection is always a necessity to have and making sure you know what website. and get an e-mail from the irs rather than clicking on that link. that way you guarantee. it really could be anything. you want to make sure that you know where you're going. and this year the irs wants to file electronically and no more paper. >> it saves them a lot of money to be able to process electronically. and fill out all the forms and
8:53 am
have members in your staff with forms in your library. >> no longer. >> it saves a lot of time and a lot of effort. >> so walking through some of the things you have. and you have a laptop here? >> this is one thing i want to show. this is actually -- going around. and it may look like an antivirus. but it's unable to remove from the computer and really in actuality this is a completely clean commuter. but you use all these different things and it's telling me that it is affective. so good rule of thumb is any reputable antivirus will still be fully functional for at least 30 days or so. and it says we got all these things. >> don't click on it. don't okay it. exit out of it. >> we have seen a lot of people come in that have given -- call
8:54 am
the credit card company and make sure to stop that card. >> h & r block at home. >> there are lot of programs. there's h & r block. there's turbo tax. you have the ability to go online and do these or you can come into any store and purchase them and you'll be able to actually, you know, use the copy of the program. and it will walk you through step-by-step how to do it. a lot of them includes 3-d file. your protection of some of the computer. >> and this is just a program. so it's even more protection because you know you go out and gotten that program. it's so important to make sure you have antivirus. other than that, make sure you're entering into a good area. >> if you want to make sure you have the right one, contact the greek squad. how do you do that? >> absolutely. 1-800 greek squad. >> okay.
8:55 am
thank you. -- this information is available on you saw the website. and. >> when we comeme,,,, [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and get this special bonus: $100 back. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers superior picture quality,
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challenging a record. 2:00. 73 to 75 at first pick. >> and john, you said folks are still coming in. they can watch all the sports. ,
8:58 am
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